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Before: 204 kgs After: 95 kgs Carlos Tristan
Before: 146.5 kgs After: 115 kgs Tracy Burns
Suzanne Forester (learn more)
Suzanne Forester

I am 32 kilograms+ lighter…and I love my life!

For 2 years I worked on my mind, body and soul and a big part of that was NeoLife. I decided to find my passion in life and wanted more energy, clarity and happiness, and did this by focusing on what I put into my body - NeoLifeShake, Salmon Oil Plus, Formula IV, Cal Mag Complex and Super B! NeoLife nutritionals nourishes my cells and my mind.

I am now 32 kilograms lighter, have an energy that just won’t quit - and I love my life!! I had such success with NeoLife I’m now a NeoLife Promoter so I can share what I truly believe in.

*Results are not typical. In an open label clinical study participants lost an average of 2.39 kgs. over a 12 week period. close
Mary Acuff (learn more)
Mary Acuff

"I’ve lost 16 kgs.* in the 18 months since I started using NeoLifeShake. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve been able to keep my weight off for more than a year—and I keep losing!" -Mary

*Results are not typical. In an open label clinical study participants lost an average of 2.39 kgs. over a 12 week period. close
Before: 109 kgs After: 81.5 kgs Jose Diego
Before: 117.5 kgs After: 90 kgs Suzy Hume (learn more)
Suzy Hume

"I've lost 27 kgs.* so far on my 'healthy weight loss journey' and I've gained my health back! My blood sugar and cholesterol levels are normal. My digestion is calm for the first time in 20 years. I owe it all to my NeoLife supplements."​ -Suzy

*Results are not typical. In an open label clinical study participants lost an average of 2.39 kgs. over a 12 week period. close
Korissa Singh
Before: 86 kgs After: 77 kgs Cesar Galarza
Before: 96 kgs After: 87 kgs Olimpia Sonato
Before: 84.5 kgs After: 74 kgs Karen McKay (learn more)
Karen McKay

I had been praying and asking God to show me my pathway to healing and shortly after that I was introduced to NeoLife food supplements. I am now on the road to better health, a slimmer body and a new outlook on my life. In May of 2014 I begin taking Pro Vitality and drinking NeoLifeShake not thinking about losing weight but hoping to feel better. I was 5'3" and 84.5 kgs., overweight, tired, and rundown with one medical problem after another. Not long after I started taking the NeoLife products and the shakes I began to notice that I had more energy and no more morning fog then after about two weeks my clothes were fitting better. In August I went to the Lakeland, Florida conference and decided to join the weight loss challenge. When I got on the scales, I weighed in at 79 kgs. That's when I realized I was losing weight so I did the 30 day challenge and lost another 5 kgs. for a total of 10.5 kgs.* in a short time. This has encouraged me to continue losing the weight and I have seen my health improve. My blood pressure and blood sugar are normal. I feel better physically than I have in many years and I love the NeoLife products, love sharing with others how they can improve their health also. Thank you for a life that continues to be changed to a healthier me.

*Results are not typical. In an open label clinical study participants lost an average of 2.39 kgs. over a 12 week period. close
Jessica Trautner
Before: 84 kgs After: 79 kgs Jan Doolin
Marko Albert (Full Bio)
Marko Albert
2013 Iron Man World Championship on Hawaii

It was my third trip to the island of Hawaii or the Big Island. First year I was unexpectedly successful, second year was a disaster and third I came out just all right. It's a special feeling to be on the starting line of the most prestigious Ironman distance race in the world. So rich in history, and so cruel to its athletes. We all give ourselves to the hands of Madam Pele and hope that she will be kind.

Now to my race day. The ocean was very calm this year. No strong currents no swells. Swimming is always just the start of the race. The saying goes, that you can't win the race in the swim but you sure can lose it then and there. My swim was uneventful this year. I was swimming in the very top end of the field but still, I didn't lead. I just didn't have that kind of power in me. After a very quick transition about 30 guys started the bike ride together. I dropped off from that pack after 60km. At that point I had enough of that group that went hard at one point and easy the next. This kind of acceleration can prove themselves very costly in the end. The next 120km I was mostly alone and enjoyed it until the last 50km where I struggled a bit because there was a strong headwind blowing.

In the beginning of the run, my position was 25th. Not the place I really wanted to be, but I knew that about 10 guys were very close in front of me. So I just started to run as fast and efficient as I could. By the 25th kilometer, I was still in the same position, but then I saw a lot of guys coming back to me. In the famous Natural Energy Lab section I passed a few walking "top of the field" athletes. Their day had just become too hard to endure (there was some food poisoning going around because of damaged sports drink). In the last 5km I still felt strong, even though my legs started cramping and I had blisters under my foot soles. It was still good pain, it was the pain I wanted to have, that makes me feel that I have given everything I had. Finishing 16th in in the pro ranking was OK, just 3 places off my best result, total time 8.37. The big gain was, that I had just ran a marathon under 3 hours for the first time in Ironman Hawaii. Good positive to take home with me!
Thanks to NeoLife food supplement products my recovery has gone without any hiccups and I feel ready to set my sights on new goals! All the best!

CJ Daniels-Fordyce (Full Bio)
CJ Daniels-Fordyce

I started using NeoLife products in the late 1980s and they have been staples in my supplement regimen ever since. I take PhytoDefense, Formula IV, Aloe Vera Plus, and Super-B each day. These core items keep my immune system functioning at 100% while I am training for bodybuilding competitions. I trust NeoLife because all of their products are backed up by scientific research and I know the products are natural. In order to train hard I have to make sure my body recovers and these products help me do just that!

I'm a 52 year old female drug-free natural body building competitor and I include the NeoLife products into my daily regimen. In 2010, I decided to train for Figure competitions and won a first place Figure professional card (pro card) in the 2010 INBF Southern Natural Show (Macon, GA) in my first year of competing. I've received my NGA Georgia Women Bodybuilding Pro card in September 2013. Overall, winning the Women’s Bodybuilding category was such an amazing experience.

I am 100% natural competitor and do not use any performing enhancing drugs but include NeoLife supplements. The only thing in my arsenal is hard work, diet, and dedication and of course NeoLife supplements are the key to my successes. It fuels my fire to continue on and accomplish other feats but cannot meet the challenges without my NeoLife.

CJ Daniels-Fordyce

November 2013

Deborah Meis (Full Bio)
Deborah Meis
Ballerina With A Difference

Seventeen-yearold Deborah Meis began dancing at the age of five and is now regarded as a pre-professional ballerina. Over the years, NeoLife vitamins have proven to be an essential part of her training. Deborah participates in mentally and physically demanding ballet classes where she is shown extensive routines only once and is then expected to recite them at levels of near perfection. Her mother, NeoLife Distributor Lani Meis, explains “being at the top level she is at, it is important that her brain is sharp and working quickly. When you are pushing your body to do something extra, you need to give it something extra.” Taking several Salmon Oil and Tre-en-en capsules before each ballet practice and performance, helps Deborah with brain retention during her strenuous and complicated routines. Lani rejoices, “it is amazing how much it helps her focus and retain. With these vitamins Deborah can overcome any processing difficulties.” Providing a noticeable difference in her dance, Deborah is sure to take vitamins before all practices and recitals.

Since Deborah takes NeoLife vitamins on a regular basis, she is rarely ill and has only been sick a handful of times over the past ten years. In one rare instance of sickness, Deborah fell terribly ill with the stomach flu only two days before a regional ballet competition, and did not know whether she would be able to compete. Deborah was so ill, “she couldn’t take her head off the pillow without feeling dizzy.” Deborah spent the last year and a half preparing for this competition and thus put her faith in the Lord to provide her with the strength to perform. “If God wants me to dance, he will do it for me.” Unable to get out of bed, Deborah replenished her body with NeoLife protein and chicken broth for the next couple of days.

Miraculously, the day of the competition, Deborah was able to get out of bed and perform three physically draining routines. Deborah’s first performance began at 11am and her last performance at 7pm. With no time to lie down in between, Lani was concerned that Deborah would not have the strength to make it through the competition. However “sipping on protein gave her the ability to maintain all day.” Deborah prevailed and placed second which made her eligible to compete in the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix in New York.

Taking vitamins and protein regularly helps Deborah stay fit, alert and provides her with the stamina to dance with grace, no matter what challenges are thrown her way. Though Deborah earned the opportunity to compete in the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix contest, she declined the invite. Instead she chose to honor a previous commitment to take a two-week trip to Rwanda to teach Vacation Bible School with her church group. There she taught children a choreographed dance to ‘Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus’. “God provided her with the training and she wanted to give back.