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Becoming a Club Member is free, and all members automatically receive a 15% discount off retail. Plus, if you have at least one product on auto-ship, you’ll unlock the full wholesale discount of 25-30% off all your orders!

Unlike a Promoter, you won’t earn income as a Club Member, but you’ll help your friends by sharing your club benefits with them through your free personalized NeoLife club website. Your website is like a Costco or Sam’s Club membership that you can share with friends so they enjoy the same savings.

You can also earn your health pack free every month through the 3 For Free program. Simply sign up 3 Club Members with Health Packs on Auto-Ship and receive yours FREE!

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There’s no better time than now to experience the benefits of superior nutrition to be your best!

  • Free to Join
  • Shop Exclusive Products
  • Save 15-30% Off Suggested Retail
  • Nutrition & Personal Development
  • Complimentary Personal Website
  • 3 for Free Program
  • Be Your Best Challenge
  • Fun Events & Community


Other companies gain legitimacy and brand awareness with ads on TV and splash marketing campaigns. But we do it through Promoters. Through People. Because we believe in people. So instead of paying advertisers, we pay you. And we have proven success systems and support so you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

When you join NeoLife as a Promoter, you are starting your own Nutrition Startup business. It's kind of like a tech startup, but with nutrition. There's low barriers to entry because we provide the infrastructure that any successful business needs, as well as consumable products, and compensation plan. So instead of having to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started, NeoLife makes entrepreneurship accessible to everyone.

NeoLife is redefining the world of startups, helping entrepreneurs around the world unlock a better way of life. Join today and help make the world a healthier and happier place.

  • Own a Nutrition Startup Business
  • Signup with a Business Kit
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  • Earn a Part-Time or Full-Time Income Sharing Good Health
  • Participate in all the Benefits of the NeoLife Compensation Plan
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  • Participate in Exciting Incentives like Cash and Travel
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  • Receive Recognition for Your Achievements
  • Shop at Wholesale Prices - Save 25-30% off Suggested Retail
  • Access to Premier Personal Development & Leadership Training Resources & Events
  • Shop Exclusive Products
  • Complimentary Personal Website
  • 3 For Free Program
  • Be Your Best Challenge
  • Fun Events & Community
  • Business Education